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Customs Depositary (Air Cargo)

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Customs Depositary (Land & Sea Freight)

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Cargo under Controlled Temperature

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Local Transport & Distribution

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Centroamérica & Panamá Trucking Services

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Customs Broker

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Export Warehouse

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General Cargo Warehouse

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Large warehouse

Grupo Ecatrans has more than 28,000 square meters of fiscal area which 13,000 square meters under roof.



Ecatrans Group ensures safety, so we maintain a commitment to control by following protocols that ensure a safe environment under the highest technological standards.

Warehouse for Dangerous Goods

Grupo Ecatrans has an exclusive warehouse of dangerous goods, with advanced alarm systems in case of spillage, and special concrete for chemicals, subdivisions according to Matrix Compatibility, Complying with the requirements of the Ministries of Health. It counts on the advice of a chemical regent and Certification of good practices Dangerous Goods, with highly trained personnel.

Drug management with special quality controls

Quality management and application of good practices for the correct handling and safeguarding of medicines, in the cold chain and uncontrolled temperature. These are periodic audits by internal and external managers to ensure their effective implementation.

Safety, Solidity and Efficiency.

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Location: Heredia San Joaquín de Flores from Lagar 100 meters West 100 meters north on the left.
Central Telefónica: 2265-6566


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Visit us in San Joaquín de Flores.


Heredia San Joaquín de Flores from Lagar 100 meters West 100 meters north on the left.